List of my artistic activities


In 1973 I shared an atelier with the artist-painter Lucio Pedotti in Rho-Milano, Italy. I took part in several artistic contests and collective exhibitions in Rho and Milano, Italy.

In 1976 I moved abroad to french Switzerland.


Exhibition “Art and Handcraft” in Cheseaux, Switzerland.
Individual exhibition in Swica, Boulevard de Grancy 39, Lausanne.

Individual exhibition in the Italian Bookshop, la Riponne, Lausanne.

Theatre scene-painting for theatre plays in Prilly and Cheseaux, Switzerland.

Collective exhibition in Saillon.
Individual exhibition in the library/gallery “Coquelicot”, Saint.Pierre-de-Clage (
Individual exhibition in Belles Fontains, L’Isle.

Individual exhibition in the Cultural Centre, Pole Sud, Lausanne.

Individual exhibition in the premises of “L’Ancienne Poste”, Montreux.

March, individual exhibition in the gallery Villa Mégroz, Lutry (
November, individual exhibition at M A G (Montreux Art Gallery), Montreux (

Appearance on the “Rivierart” magazine n°3 (
May, individual exhibition in the Hotel Alexander Museum Palace, Pesaro-Italy (
June,  individual exhibition in the gallery “Quadrifoglio”, Rho – Milano, Italy.
September,collective exhibition “OLTRE” in the gallery “Quadrifoglio”, Rho-Milano
March, August and October, three collective exhibitions with the Group “Occhio” in Italy (
August, exhibition at “Salon d’été” in the gallery Place Suisse des Arts, Lausanne (

February,exhibition at  “Salon d’hiver” in the gallery Place Swiss des Arts, Lausanne (
Six collective exhibitions with the Group “Occhio” in Italy (
August, collective exhibition “Portrait” in the gallery Place Swiss des Arts, Lausanne (
August, individual exhibition in the gallery Villa Mégroz, Lutry (
Appearance on the “ARTENSION” magazine (, (
September, individual exhibition in the Hotel Beau-Site, Chemin sur Martigny (
October, collective exhibition “Regard sur l’art”, Etrembières, France.
November, exhibition at Gallery “Independent Artists” in Busto Garolfo, Milano (
December, collective exhibition with the gallery “Art & Miss” – Paris in St. Petersbourg, Russia (
December, collective exhibition “Paysage 13” in the gallery “Place Swiss des Arts”, Lausanne (
December, VI Biennial International exhibition in Pero-Milano, Italy.


February, solo exibition in the Bank CCO, Cossonay, Switzerland.
February, appearance on website Art Gallery Mega Art  (
March, collective exhibition in Villa Annoni, Cuggiono/Milano,Italy
April, VI  painting competition titled “Lights and shade”, Marcallo/Milano, Italy
June, collective exhibition with Group "Occhio", Boffalora sul Ticino/Milano, Italy
July, collective exhi "Village du livre" Saint-Pierre-de-Clages, Vallese, Switzerland
August, collective exhi at "Centro Visitatori Mont Mars", Fontainemore, Valle d’Aosta
September, collective exhib Galery "Art&Miss", Parigi (
September, appearance on the review "Rivierart", Switzerland (
October, collective exhib at "Circolo il Romanino", Bergamo, Italy
October, collective exhib "Amaci" at  Event Art Space, Trento, Italy
October, collective exhib, Pergine/Valsugana, Italy (
October, collective exhib at "WeArt Gallery", Uboldo, Varese, Italy (
November, web exhibition in Bogotà, Columbia
December, collective exhib,  theme: "Technology’s man" at Independent Artists Galery, Busto Garolfo, Milano (    

March, collective exhibition, theme: "Dialogue on Death" at The Crypt Gallery, London (
April, collective exhibition, theme: "Dream and surreal" at Artexpertise Galery, Florence, Italy (
April, collective exhibition with Group Occhio at "Villa Annoni", Cuggiono/Milano, Italy
May, collective exhibition with Group Occhio, Buscate/Milano, Italy
November, decorations in trompe l'oeil, title "The Song of the Pearl", Theatre Casino, Orbe, Switzerland. Approximately 240 hours of work.

February, collective exhibition, theme: "Red Passion, Waiting for Valentine’s Day", galery des Carmes, Toulouse, France ( 
June, collective exhibition, "Le nouveaux surrelistes", galery Art&Miss, Paris (  
July, collective exhibition, "Square Little Worlds" at Jadite Galery, New York, USA ( 
Exposition collective à Turin, association Il Punto, Italie

Novembre, exposition collective à la Gare du Bouveret, Suisse
Exposition collective à la galerie ARVA, Vevey, Suisse
Novembre et décembre, 2 expositions collective à la galerie MEGA ART, Corchiano, Italie

Janvier, exposition collective à la galerie ARVA, Vevey, Suisse
Avril, exposition collective à la galerie ARVA, Vevey, Suisse